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"Inspired by nature in this thoughtful and plain-spoken poems, Rob Smith reminisces and reflects on life, death, and the passage of time in 256 Zones of Gray. He takes us 'Along the Shore,' and we see barren trees through his eyes when 'the sky threaded/a blue ribbon between the trunks' and a postcard moment in 'Pittsburgh' when 'colors sliding back into the rivers/ define the Point.' Smith's words often give us hope, a lighted window on the edge of color."
- Laura Treacy Bentley, author of "Lake Effect: Poems"
isbn: 978-1933964164

Along the Shore


     The trees along the shore

     took off their green

     and the sky threaded

     a blue ribbon between the trunks.


     Fall, a season of paths

     where spaces open through

     the underbrush and the

     wooded wall becomes a way.

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