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Sand Dollar Island
isbn: 978-0-9833069-7-9
Not since The Little Prince have adult readers been so strongly invited to set aside reason to take a journey of the heart.

A nearly fatal car collision on a country road lands Jeff in a surgical suite clinging to life. His wife, Samantha, is there when he recovers consciousness, but he has another story to tell. The accident has apparently opened a portal to another world, a place where his physical injuries are simply a vague recollection of a different reality. The medical staff attributes his tale to brain injury, but he knows otherwise. How can he seriously convey his adventures in a place where talking animals are the guardians of humans? Jeff trusts his senses even when they draw him deeper into a dimension where he becomes a player in a game of nonsense.

Illustrated with sketches of a parallel universe, Sand Dollar Islandís impossible adventure takes perceptive travelers on a quest for meaning.
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