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Enquiry Series
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The Enquiry Series began with a collaboration between Drinian Press and Papillon Press in the reprinting of The Epictetus Club. Though a work of fiction, The Epictetus Club is used as a study guide for people interested in anger management. Since that time, additional titles in cultural studies and literary criticism have been added. Most recently, Drinian Press has partnered with anthropologists engaged in cross-cultural projects. The Enquiry Series provides educational resources which are outside our primary focus which is quality book-length fiction. On the other hand, each of these titles highlights the interaction of story and culture. In this regard, they underscore the direct link between literature and community formation.
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Cultural Perspectives on the Bible
2008/09 Theodora Readers
A Day With Mimi
Hogwarts, Narnia, and Middle Earth
Behind the Curtain
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