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Rob Smith

Drinian Press
"I believe that only poetry counts.  A great novelist is first of all
a great poet."
                      François Mauriac,
                      novelist, Nobel Laureate

Rob has been writing poetry all his life, but only a few
poems have been put forward for publication. In 2006,
he received the
Robert Frost Poetry Award for his
submission of the poem

This international competition seeks to recognize
poetry written "in the Spirit of Robert Frost."  A long
time admirer of Frost, Smith has presented public
readings of the poet's work.  As a novelist, Rob tries to
bring his sensitivity as a poet to bear on his characters
and storyline.  Here is the award winning poem:

I spit in the river like a boy,
but nobody saw me,
I made sure of that.
I was dry
after running across the field,
with lungs heaving
and mouth powdery.
It was like that, and I stopped
on the bridge to quench my thirst
by staring at the water.
So I spit.
It was white and chalky swirling
in black water 'til it caught
the current and was lost in the foam
over rocks and broken twigs.
I watched beyond what I saw,
and no one else saw or spoke except
a catbird on the railing.