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Rob Smith resides on Ohio's north coast where he writes and works to restore a forty- year-old British sloop.
Children of Light
"What a thoroughly enjoyable, fast-paced read, as well as a great exploration by the two main human characters of their own inner darknesses!" -Amazon Review

Shrader Marks: Keelhouse
A double novel which includes Night Voices, the beginning of the adventure and Keelhouse, which completes the saga.
McGowan's Call
"Starting with a couple short stories I found that once I got to the main tale within that I could not put it down. I kept saying just one more chapter till, all of a sudden, I was finished." -Amazon Review

"McGowan's Retreat is of high recommendation to thriller fans looking for a bit of corporate intrigue." -Midwest Book Review

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Children of Light
McGowan's Call
McGowan's Retreat
Shrader Marks: Keelhouse
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McGowan's Return
The Immigrant's House (poetry)
McGowan's Pass
Rob Smith