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Nancy Brady is an Ohio native, a pharmacist by profession, a poet by nature. During her early morning treks to the pharmacy, she observed the rising of the sun and the changes of the seasons. These are traditional themes of Japanese haiku. There is also a distinctly Midwestern flavor to these poems. In the small town of Huron, Ohio where the poet resides, you can find gingko and maple trees growing together in the city park on the edge of Lake Erie.
For years students have been taught that haiku follow a specific pattern of lines and syllables. Five-seven-five was considered the correct formula. Today poets are aware that this Japanese pattern doesn't always translate very well into English rhythms. More and more, the haiku style is thought of as short-long-short with the idea that the thought should flow in one breath.

Ohayo Haiku are first written in five-seven-five and then edited for clarity. In this way, the author attempts to achieve both the form and the spirit of haiku.
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