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A widely published critic, Tom LeClair was a member of the jury that chose the 2005 National Book Award for fiction. In addition to his novels—Passing Off, Well-Founded Fear, Passing On, and The Liquidators—LeClair has published two works of literary criticism: In the Loop and The Art of Excess. He has reviewed books for The New York Times Book Review, BookForum, The Nation, American Book Review, Atlantic Monthly, and many other national periodicals. LeClair was the Nathaniel Ropes Professor of English at the University of Cincinnati.
Passing Through is a stand-alone novel that completes the trilogy begun with Passing Off and Passing On. Former pro basketball player, tour guide, and memoirist, Michael Keever is recruited to teach Creative Non-Fiction at Queen City College. Having faked his qualifications, Keever attempts to deceive his family, students, colleagues, administrators, and friends with increasingly comic schemes. When he receives anonymous emails that accuse him of fictionalizing his earlier autobiographies, Keever needs to discover the author of the emails. His absurd detection boomerangs and his troubles multiply, ultimately forcing him into a plot of imposture that takes him to Algeria and puts both his new life as an academic and his life itself in jeopardy.
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